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To all this applies to- happy easter! I hope everyone has LOTS of fun!

And if you are not celebrating easter- today will be a good day to relax at home! 

Today’s post will feature: Fixing Damaged Doll Hair, Fun Spring Craft, My Favorite Spring AG Releases, Great Doll Photography Tips, and Copyright Strikes!


Fixing Damaged Doll Hair. There are many approaches to fixing an AG doll’s hair. All of these could be found with an easy youtube search! However, I think these techniques are by far the best!

Straight/Wavy Hair- Chances are that your doll’s hair is very frizzy and knotted! For the frizz I would recommend a good ole downy dunk! Stephenswodadancer has a tutorial video on how to do this! All you need is Downy fabric softener, a counter or elevated space, and a sink! All of which you might have at home! Here is a link to that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRMnsFGFXPA   

Curly Hair- My Lanie (GOTY 2010) doll had horrendous hair! It was almost stick straight! What I did was wash her hair with a little shampoo (my shampoo) in my sink. After washing out the shampoo I added some conditioner (also mine as well) and left it in there while it gently untangled her hair. I then washed out the conditioner and towel dried her hair a bit, keeping it a little damp. Then I used some medium sized foam hair rollers I purchased at Wallgreens for $1.00 (Im sure you can buy them at any store that sells everything such as Target or Walmart). I put them in her hair and let her hair dry overnight.  In the morning I took her rollers out and she had beautiful curls again!


How to Make Flip Flops for AG Dolls!

You will need: Cool Duct Tape (Patterned or Colored- You can find this kind of duct tape at your local craft store), an old doll shoe, and Craft Foam!

  1. Trace a doll shoe sole on craft foam 4 times and cut them out. Flip 2 craft foam “soles” so you have 2 for the doll’s left foot, and 2 for the doll’s right foot. 
  2. Cut a strip of duct tape and rip it in half lengthwise (the hot dog way).
  3. Fold over both strips on top of themselves, meeting in the middle. 
  4. Place your doll’s foot on one of the craft foam “soles” you made and place the duct tape strip above the start of her feet, folding the excess under her foot on the bottom of the “sole”. Glue the duct tape in place.
  5. Glue the second sole for that side of the dolls foot (left or right) under the first layer, thus covering the excess tape your folded on the bottom of the sole.
  6. Cut a strip of foam for the outside of the shoes sole. Approximately 1/8- 1/4 inches wide.
  7. Put glue on the strip of foam and wrap it around the outside of the strip of foam. Trim the excess until it wraps around it once.

And your done! If you find any of the steps confusing or need visual-ade, visit this site where I found this craft! http://agdollplay.blogspot.com/2013/01/doll-craft-make-your-doll-flip-flops.html


My Favorite and Least Favorite Spring AG Releases


  • Sweet Spring Dress (MAG)- This dress is sooo cute! I love the lace detail and the flower looks great! The shoes also have that pointe shoe look to them which is unique!
  • Plaid Party Dress (MAG)- This dress is very simple and chic at the same time! It is perfect for your dolls to hang out outside! I love the ruffles on it, they really add oomph to the dress!
  • Easy Breezy Outfit (MAG)- I think this outfit is adorable! It;s very colorful and just screams spring! The only thing I don’t like would be the shoes! They remind me of Our Generation shoes and I hate their shoes!
  • Molly’s Bed and Bedding (Historical)- I think this is such an improvement from Molly’s other bed! The other one was very dark and boring! This one is bright and “spring-y”! The only thing I would add to improve it would be a decorative pillow of some sort!
  • Saige’s Painting Set (GOTY)- This is such an adorable piece! It has so many details and so many pieces to it! It is a bit pricey however, other than that there is nothing wrong with this piece!

Least Favorites:

  • Saige’s Hot Air Balloon Set (GOTY)- This piece is way too large! You also have to actually fill it with air which takes a very long time to do! Its very heavy and is over priced considering only one doll fits inside of it (or 2 can squish in). 
  • Styling Chair (MAG)- I feel like this styling chair is the exact same beside color as the other one! Only difference is that it is a lot more expensive! The styling chairs are also a waste of money anyway because the doll is not stable enough in it. You are better off having your doll sit between your legs while you do her hair!
  • Lots of Dots Bath Wrap (MAG)- I think this bath wrap looks more like a dress than a bath wrap! I think the other one was more realistic!

Overall though, I am very happy with what AG has released! Hopefully one day I can work at AG headquarters and help them avoid making expensive items for a cheaper quality!


Great Doll Photography Tips

Always use daylight! As mentioned in my post last week, daylight photos look a lot better than a lightbulb light photo! 

NO FLASH! Flash brings out shine marks and the ugly in many AG dolls! You shouldnt need to use flash anyway, your photos should always be taken in the daytime and not the night!

Have a variety! No one wants many of the same photos over and over again! That is boring! If you vary your shots, you will also get more AGPS views!

Take shots at eye level or above. I find that any shots showing a dolls face that are below eye level/ looking up at dolls face tend to give your doll a double chin! 


Copyright Strikes 

Copyright strikes can be what holds you back from becoming a partner!

You can get copyright strikes by adding music or other content that does not belong to you without giving credit! Sometimes, even if you do give credit, many popular songs can result in a copyright strike. 

I recommend going to incomptech.com to get free copyright free music by Kevin MacLeod, Jason Shaw, or Josh Woodward!  


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Goodnight everyone! Have a great week!
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Newbie Spotlight:

This weeks Newbie Spotlight goes to…. aglovet2222! 

Her stopmotions are SO SMOOTH

Her photoshoots are AMAZING 

and I just love her videos!

She is also very sweet so you should chat her!
Heres a link to her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/aglovet2222


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Hello AGTube! Mikaela from SweetTreatsStudios here!

I am proud to announce AGTube Connect is up and running again!

The topics I will be discussing are How to Gain SubscribersWhere to Find Inexpensive AG Items, Spring Videos, and 5 Tips to A Great Video!

How to Gain Subscribers:

This is a question I get asked a lot! I personally have my own little tricks to getting subbies!

The main thing you want to do is make friends!

You can’t expect that people will find you and you will get famous!

You have to get your name out there!

Lots of people tend to struggle with doing this!

They do one of two things.

1) They comment things like “Subbed. Sub me back”

That might get you subs but in the end none of your subs will watch your videos!

If your subs don’t watch your videos then whats the point of having subs?

2) They go around sending the same message to a mass number of people.

When you do this, YouTube marks your message as “spam”. This means that when people see your comment it will say something like, “This comment has been marked as spam. Would you still like to see it?” This is a red flag to the people you sent it to that even if you commented something like “Love this video! I subbed!” you sent it to others and that makes your comment less important!

The real trick as I said is to make friends! This means comment things that show you actually watched their video(s) and compliment them on specific things! You can then ask if they want to be your friend! An example could be, “Wow! This is an amazing video! I can tell you really put lots of effort into it! My favorite part is when your doll got scared by the chicken! Would you like to be friends?”.

Now assuming they said “Sure! I would love to be friends!” you have to become friends with them! Find out their favorite color, their name, how many dolls they have! Don’t make a phony friendship that lasts a day or two! The more friends you have the more people will be willing to help you earn subs, put you in their box, comment on your videos, and subscribe!

Where to Find Inexpensive AG Items. As we all know, AG prices are skyrocketing! in my opinion their quality is also decreasing too! One plastic pair of glasses for an AG from AG is $10! So I have put together a list of different sites you can visit/ worldwide stores you can visit to get items for AG dolls for good prices! All you have to do, is copy and paste the links to your browser!


Spring Videos. Yay! It’s finally Spring! The flowers are blooming, the allergies are coming, the animals are coming out, the birds are singing,  and the easter bunny is hopping!

But for some unlucky people like me, there is still snow in the forecast!

Like whaaaaaaaaat????

Anyway, now that it’s spring lots of people that have been pretty absent on AGTube will probably come back to making regularly scheduled videos!

I can’t wait to see the beautiful photoshoots, colorful stopmotions, hilarious outdoor vlogs, and happy music videos!

Most of the time, in the winter many videos have depressing topics so I’m happy that now videos will be happier!


5 Tips to a A Great Video

Here are 5 tips I have put together for you to help you guys make the best videos you can!

  1. Use daylight, not lightbulb light! Lightbulb light tends to make your films look yellow or orange! Daylight makes even the worst quality camera look like it is a Canon Rebel T3i! Or at least close to one! This could also help your thumbnail be brighter and more people will click on it! If you are filming by a window have your camera be behind the window, not facing it! If your camera is facing a window then all the light will go away on your camera and only to your window! Try this out, you will know what I mean!
  2. Have your doll(s) in the video wear bright colors! This again, will result in a brighter thumbnail and more people will click on it!
  3. Use a tripod or box to keep your films steady! This is especially important for an AGSM! You don’t want a wobbly video! Trust me! Tripods can be purchased at garage sales, or even Target for about 15-20 dollars! This is also helpful for hauls, vlogs, and other live videos too! Again, wobbly videos= bad!
  4. Don’t show your hands/arms! This kills the illusion that your doll is moving on her own! I recommend holding your doll by her legs if you want to wiggle her around (so it looks like she is moving) or to do scenes were she walks off! If you are moving your dolls arms, just try and get the camera to only be able to see up to her elbow, that way you have lots of space to firmly grasp her arm and move it around! This also goes for AGSM too, not just live video work!
  5. Vary your voice! If you are playing the voice of 2 or more dolls, try and make your voice sound different! Whether that means to deepen your voice for one character and make it normal for another… anything! This helps viewers be able to be able to know who is who by their voice!


That is it for this post!

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Newbie Spotlight: FlowerAGs!

So far she has 2 AGPS’! They are sooo amazing! She is very talented and I can’t wait to see more from her!

You should subscribe to her, or check out her videos! They are well worth your time!

Here’s a link to her channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/flowerags


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